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Benefits of Owning Your Own Yard Love Business:

  • Sharing joy and love in your local community. (How fun is that?)

  • Low start-up cost. (In two months’ time, I made back my initial investment!)

  • You keep 100% of your profits! (support your family, re-invest in your business, build your influence)

  • Tax Benefits (personal use items become tools of your business, creating new tax breaks)

  • Help people celebrate their happiest life moments in a big way. (In a tough world, it’s nice to be in a business that is pure celebration. Your customers tend to be in good moods!)

  • You’re the Boss! (set up your own schedule, work around your family needs or take them with you. My kids love it! They feel like they’re getting in on the surprise even as they learn a good work ethic, how to pay attention to detail, and that you can get paid to do what you love)

Affiliate Testimonials

Rosie Montalvo –  West Orange

Rosie Montalvo – West Orange

Tell us a little about you. What hobbies do you have? What do you like to do? Maybe a fun fact or thing about yourself? I’m a wife, mom, and grandmother to six (6) wonderful grandkids. My days are filled with my daytime work in media relations, big family dynamics,...

Nikki & Matt O’Brien – Yard Love Columbus

Nikki & Matt O’Brien – Yard Love Columbus

Meet Nikki & Matt O'Brien with Yard Love Columbus! What did you do before starting your Yard Love business or what do you do along with your business?I am a stay-at-home mom to five children. I took the summer and fall off because of our most recent addition in...

Julie Bunting – Yard Love South Tulsa

Julie Bunting – Yard Love South Tulsa

Meet Julie Bunting with Yard Love South Tulsa! Julie started her Yard Love business in July 2019 and has loved every minute of spreading joy and happiness around her community! Her creative signs have given inspiration to other affiliates and she is always there to...