Older woman with "Hooray for this Day Yard sign + other signs - balloons, We Love You, #1 Mom, Proud of You, You Did It, Congrats - sparkling/glitter on all signs - in grays, purple, turqouise, pink, and yellow.  Yard Love Brevard - Lindsey Yoder Owner

Why do you like being a Yard Love Affiliate?

Because of the joy we are able to spread. The surprise effect is the best too! I enjoy receiving photos and videos from customers, which is always the icing on the cake! Knowing that we are not only making the recipient’s day special, but passers-by love it as well!

Favorite Greeting

This is a sign for a Mom battling cancer. The daughter wanted to make her last day of chemo special. She didn’t want to use our common phrase, “No Mo Chemo”, because she said the future is unknown.

This wasn’t her Mom’s first time completing chemotherapy, unfortunately. I thought this one was special because she is one tough cookie and she can smile even through the roughest of days.

Lindsey Yoder, husband and two daughters - Yard Love Brevard