Yard Love’s mission is to brighten the world, one celebration at a time!

Yard Love’s mission is to brighten the world, one celebration at a time!

What is Yard Love?

With over 100 Affiliates servicing more than 125 Areas in over 20 States (and counting!), Yard Love is quickly becoming the go-to yard greeting company for customized personal, school, and business greetings! Our team is dedicated to serve the celebrations of individuals and communities in an unforgettable way. Who doesn’t need more joy in their lives? Our celebratory and inspirational yard greetings make every special occasion better. To learn more about joining the Yard Love team, visit our Join us page.

Yard Love Story

Like so many great stories, Yard Love’s beginning was unassuming and unexpected. Yard Love was born at the collision of seasons when a entrepreneurial mother was seeking a new professional outlet and her daughter was having a birthday.  On September 15, 2017, the first Yard Love greeting was staked in our founders front yard and the joy began to spread through the neighborhoods of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Soon, other women and men with an entrepreneurial spirit inquired about sharing the love in their own communities. Why not? In short time, eleven affiliates joined our team and more are joining by the day. Thanks to our dedicated team and loyal customers, the Yard Love family and brand will soon spread coast to coast.
Carrie Briley and Family
The Briley family

Mark, Carrie, Morgan, Dane and Hayes

Meet Carrie

Following seasons of success in fields of insurance and cosmetics, I took some focused time to be more available to the lives of my three growing children. Once our youngest was in kindergarten, my entrepreneurial hunger and delight in bringing joy to the lives of others gave birth to the Yard Love dream. The challenge to grow a business from scratch that was fostered on my own time and terms was too appealing not to give it a shot. I threw myself into the effort. The hard work pays off every time another child is pictured with a beaming smile behind their special greeting or a soldier arrives home after serving our country for a long season or a school thanks their teachers for their tireless love of students! It never gets old!  It is an amazing gift that I don’t take for granted. I am committed to maintaining the values and joy that launched this fun company in the first place. There’s always room for another in the Yard Love family. Let me know when you’re ready to share the love in your own community!

Carrie Briley
Founder and CEO