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What is the time commitment?
Although it’s important to dedicate plenty of time to your Yard Love business. Most of our Business owners have full-time jobs. One of the great parts about Yard Love is the flexibility.
Do affiliates pay Royalties to Yard Love Corporate?
We are not a Franchise. Each location owns and operates their own business and keeps 100% of their sales.
How do I get signs?

We’ve done all the work for you. Our design team has worked hard to create over 8000 unique graphics and we’re adding more monthly. As an affiliate you get deep discounts on all letters, graphics and yard stakes.

Benefits of Owning Your Own Yard Love Business:

  • Sharing joy and love in your local community. (How fun is that?)

  • Low start-up cost. (In two months’ time, I made back my initial investment!)

  • You keep 100% of your profits! (support your family, re-invest in your business, build your influence)

  • Tax Benefits (personal use items become tools of your business, creating new tax breaks)

  • Help people celebrate their happiest life moments in a big way. (In a tough world, it’s nice to be in a business that is pure celebration. Your customers tend to be in good moods!)

  • You’re the Boss! (set up your own schedule, work around your family needs or take them with you. My kids love it! They feel like they’re getting in on the surprise even as they learn a good work ethic, how to pay attention to detail, and that you can get paid to do what you love)

Yard Love Corporate Support

  • Receive personal coaching from the Yard Love Team. 

  • Take advantage of marketing materials, tools, and tips to increase success! (seasonal and business targeted fliers have been created to encourage new business]

  • Website access, discounted materials, and innovative design ideas at your disposal.

  • Group chats and support events/gatherings with other licensees will inspire your business forward and build a supportive community. (We are committed to helping you create and sustain a fun and thriving business!)

How do I start?

  • Submit Territory Approval Form (Only one licensee permitted per territory)

  • Complete License Agreement

  • Order Starter Kit

  • Share the Love!

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Lindsey Yoder – Yard Love Brevard

Lindsey Yoder – Yard Love Brevard

Why do you like being a Yard Love Affiliate? Because of the joy we are able to spread. The surprise effect is the best too! I enjoy receiving photos and videos from customers, which is always the icing on the cake! Knowing that we are not only making the recipient's...

Jennifer Verhoff – Yard Love Northwest Ohio

Jennifer Verhoff – Yard Love Northwest Ohio

Tell us about you and your family. We have 3 kids, Rylynne (15), Ramsey (13), Kendall (6), and a 6 lb. Yorkie Bishon named Bella. In February of 2020, Ryan said that we should look into what it would take to own a yard sign business. We researched a few yard sign...

Jennie Hotle- Yard Love South Olathe / Gardner Kansas

Jennie Hotle- Yard Love South Olathe / Gardner Kansas

When did you start and what did you do before starting your Yard Love business or whatdo you do along with your business? We started our Yard Love business in April 2020 and we also own an independent house cleaning business. Why did you start this business? Birthdays...