Happy 16th Birthday Megan - Yard Sign with extra signs: NWDRVR, We Love You, Cakes, Stars, Balloons, Sweet Sixteen, Cupcakes, Hearts, Presents a car, palm tree, shells on the beach, flowers- in Turqoise, Silver, Pinks and yellows - silver is all glitter.

What has been your Favorite Greeting?

I had a niece from out of state call me to set a sign for her uncle’s birthday. I got up early so he’d be surprised and he caught me! He was so excited that his family thought of him and didn’t want to ruin the surprise completely, so he took his dog for a walk and came back right as I finished. He loved it and sent a picture out to his family. It turned out his other niece was frantically looking for a greeting company and was just about to call me right when her uncle sent the picture! Seeing how happy he was made my day! 

Why did you want to start a Yard Love business? 

We purchased the business from the previous owner in August 2022. My mom had a Yard Love greeting set up for the day we brought our daughter home from the hospital. I cried tears of joy from the surprise and this made me want to start doing this business. 

Why do you enjoy being an affiliate? 

It has allowed me to stay at home with our daughter and contribute to our household. Coming from a demanding management schedule, I’m grateful for all the milestones and moments I have been able to be present for. 

Colleen Clow and her husband and daughter - Yard Love Ormond Beach