Yard Love Mid Cities

Roger Locke - Yard Love Mid Cities - North Richland Hills, TX
Hi, My name is Roger Locke and I am the newest Yard Love Affiliate servicing the Mid-Cities area of Tarrant County.

I have lived in the Mid-Cities area for about 25 years and lived in Dallas prior to that. Graduated High School and College in Dallas.

I really enjoy celebrating, as well as helping other to celebrate their special moments and I chose to get into Yard Love for the same reason.

Helping You celebrate your special moments is what I enjoy. I look forward to this new adventure and helping as many people in my community to celebrate their special moments in life. Graduation, Weddings, Baby Shower, New Arrival, Welcome Home. What is your special moment? Let’s celebrate it.


Yard Love Mid Cities

Hurst and North Richland Hills, TX

Services the following zip codes:

(76180, 76182 and 76054)

$80 plus tax

(price includes 24 hour rental, delivery, setup, 1 phrase greeting, graphics, balloons and stars.)

For rush (next day) delivery, holiday booking, or additional phrases, contact Roger for more information.

Please fill out the form below and Roger will be in touch with you within 48hrs.