Jennie Hotle and family

When did you start and what did you do before starting your Yard Love business or what
do you do along with your business?

We started our Yard Love business in April 2020 and we also own an independent house cleaning business.

Why did you start this business?

Birthdays are so important to our kiddos! When the pandemic hit we celebrated our daughter’s birthday on April 16th. The next day we saw a Yard Love greeting for the first time and I happened to see the birthday party parade associated with it. I was moved to tears! The following day we googled Yard Love and found out there were only eight other affiliates. We saw the map and envisioned the growth. We were so inspired! We were looking for a way to give back to our community and spread hope and joy! This was it!

What do you love about this business?

It’s felt good to give back to our community and use our creative juices to create fun greetings that families love!

What is your favorite trick of the trade that’s made your job easier?

Our favorite tool is a 25-foot retractable tape measure! It’s the right length and gives us a guide to put the signs straight. We also pre-set the display against a wall in our garage and stack it so upon arrival we’re ready to go! Another thing we use are the heavy-duty stakes because they help with the wind.

How do you usually market your business to get orders?

We use social media and our hometown community Facebook groups.

Do you always include a certain graphic or do you have a favorite graphic?

Our most used graphics are the birthday emoji and star eye emoji, and our favorite is probably the rainbow bubble glitter heart.

How do you handle busy seasons like graduation?

We make sure we are stocked up and special requests are fulfilled.

What is your favorite birthday sign to use?

The rainbow bubble glitter in the silly square font is our favorite. It’s so fun!

What is one idea that helped you grow your business?

We stay connected with the Yard Love community through the Facebook Group. We get inspired and find out new ideas for our business.

What advice would you provide to someone getting started?

There is always another step to take, do your best, and grow!

What is your favorite event/organization/business greeting you’ve set up?

It was for our kids’ back to school reunion celebration.

What is the toughest greeting set up you’ve had?

The toughest greeting we have ever had was an all gravel set up. The stakes finally went in!

Do you have anyone who helps you or do you do everything on your own?

I set up and my husband picks up.

Tell us about you and your family.

We have four wonderful kids. Our son Gavin is a senior and our girls are Violet (14), Lilly (13), and Ava (12). They are everything to us!

People may not know that we live on a growing farm! We are up to 20 animals. We are so grateful for this opportunity with Yard Love and can’t wait to see where it takes us!