Yard Love Spring Klein - Lawn Sign - Congrats 5th Grade - Blue and Black with Blue, yellow, white accessory signs: balloons, stars, diploma, You Did It, grad cap, 2023.

Geneva & Marcus Gandy started their Yard Love Greetings business in April, 2022.

What has been your Favorite Greeting?

Any sign when it’s 75 degrees with a slight breeze. It’s hot y’all!

Why do you enjoy being an affiliate? 

How easy it is! Getting started was so simple and we had so much help along the way – whether it’s an update to my website or purchasing a personalized domain. All things I would be lost on if I had to do it myself!

Geneva & Marcus Gandy and their 3 children - 2 boys and a girl. In front of a beautiful lake surrounded by green trees and grasses