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Tell us a little about you. What hobbies do you have? What do you like to do? Maybe a fun fact or thing about yourself?

I’m a wife, mom, and grandmother to six (6) wonderful grandkids. My days are filled with my daytime work in media relations, big family dynamics, and Yard Love. I relocated to Florida 9 years ago for work and joined the rest of my New York/New Jersey family that had slowly moved down South for warmer weather. I come from a large family, and we don’t need reasons to celebrate. We celebrate them all — birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, good grades, making the team, new job, end of school year, start of school year…, you get it.

Do you work your YL business full time or is it a side business? If you work full time, what do you do?

Yard Love is currently a part-time side business for me but one that I plan to do full time. I work in Media Relations for a telecommunications company. I decided to start before retirement so that it would grow into a full-time business when it’s time. It’s also been a great way to provide my teenage grandkids an early work experience. My husband would say Yard Love is my “therapy” because I love putting the signs together even after a 12-hour work day. He isn’t wrong – I love putting the signs together and looking for the best graphic combinations.

What advice would you give new affiliates?

Ask a lot of questions! Ask and learn from other affiliates and the Yard Love team. Everyone is great about answering questions and sharing their knowledge. It will cut down on your learning curve. Always google search addresses ahead of setup to prepare for the unexpected. There might be large monstrous trees, a split front lawn, extremely tiny lawn, etc… Lastly, always talk about your business casually, you never know who is looking to do something new. Never give up – a no today can be a yes tomorrow.
I’ve grown slow and steady; others grow like wildfire. Do what works for you and enjoy it!

What is a tip or trick you’d like to share?

I lay everything out on the floor and work at it until I get to the right design. Then I take a picture of it before I fully stake all the graphics and pack them up. This helps me stick to the design when I’m setting up. When I’m done, I take a picture and use the image to make height and space adjustments. The camera really captures what the eyes miss!