Meet Julie Bunting with Yard Love South Tulsa!

Julie started her Yard Love business in July 2019 and has loved every minute of spreading joy and happiness around her community! Her creative signs have given inspiration to other affiliates and she is always there to give advice and help.

What’s the best part of owning your own yard greeting business?

Nothing beats hearing feedback from my customers about how their loved ones’ day was made from one of my signs.


What’s your favorite graphic?

Hug emoji for sure!


Have you ever been caught-in-the-act of setting up a surprise greeting for someone?

Setting up my very first sign I was caught by the customer’s 17-year-old daughter! I realized quickly that it’s pretty hard to hide behind the signs! We all had a pretty good laugh!


Most outlandish greeting request was:

I had a customer want me to put a ton of dinosaurs in their friend’s yard and the greeting be something along the lines of “You are prehistoric!”


Longest/hardest greeting setup:

Another one of my early signs was way out in the middle of nowhere. The drive alone one way was about an hour and then the soil was almost impossible to get the stakes into! It took a good hour to set up and then another hour to get home. Then picking them up was a solid 2 hours the next day! I try to stay closer to home if at all possible now.


What is your favorite trick of the trade that’s made your job easier?

Making sure my signs are sorted and hung accordingly to make pulling them so much easier.


What was the hardest thing to get used to when you first started? How did you adjust? 

Managing my time and getting enough sleep. It’s still a work in progress, but I try to adjust my schedule as much as possible to get home at a decent hour. That might mean starting set ups or take downs a bit early or delegating tasks to my husband at times to help pull signs.


What is one idea that helped you grow your business?

Staying on social media and in front of people is super important. If I feel like I’ve been slow for a while, I try to find friends I can surprise with a fun sign to put a smile on their face and it’s free advertising which equals win/win!


When Julie is not setting up signs, she is a teaching assistant in a Pre-K class and a Rodan + Fields Consultant. In her free time, she loves to run, bike, and swim and was training for the Ironman in Tulsa for May 2020 before it was canceled due to Covid-19. She is hoping to train for 2021. Julie has been married to Nick for 11 years and has two kids, Soloman (10) and Ellie (7) and a golden doodle, Breck (1).